In the midst of unprecedented travel and tourism restrictions in the challenging year 2020, the story of our company began.

For more than 25 years, the founder has dedicated himself to organizing and managing sea freight of various kinds, from general cargo to oil tankers. In doing so, he has never given up his dream of offering a bespoke service aimed at specific individuals, families and groups of friends, rather than impersonal cargoes and their owners.

The long lockdown of the first half of 2020 provided an opportunity to rethink a lot and decide to set up a new business line in the most favorable region for sea travel. A charter company in the Principality of Monaco was registered as a starting point.
Konstantin, founder
Our company "Signature Sailing Charter" offers you an opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday or a weekend on a comfortable, brand new 4 to 5-cabin sailing catamaran.

our fleet

The first BALI 5.4 sailing catamaran was built in the French CATANA shipyard. Among the many competitors from the world's major manufacturers, this model has been carefully chosen by us.

It's the choice that has allowed us to implement the company's main concept: comfortable and thoroughly planned sailing trips in the Premium segment.

Our vision has attracted the attention of the most demanding travellers from different countries all over the world, as shown by the first charter season 2021.
Our second catamaran of the same model was built for the next season of 2022. This has enabled us to increase the number of guests we can serve, as well as expanding the geography of our trips to southern Italy and the Greek Islands.

Going forward, we plan to increase the fleet, with a strong focus on service and facilities.
LOTS OF warm FEEDBACK TO THE CREW AND MANAGEMENT WAS left by our grateful guests


Every day we work hard to elevate our guests' holidays to be more comfortable and interesting.
  • Unique service format

    There are 3 crew members on board for your comfort and convenience: the captain, chef and stewardess.

    The captain will chart a course to maximise your experience of the unique and enchanting Mediterranean coastline. He will take care of your safety and provide you with equipment for nautical entertainment to make your holiday moderately active.

    The chef will surprise you with a Mediterranean menu created especially for you, while the stewardess will make sure you feel comfortable and cared for during your journey.

  • Optimal meal option
    We recommend our Golden Pack meal option (breakfast and lunch on board) which will allow you to  enjoy your time on the catamaran, savour the cuisine prepared by our chef and, in the evening, have a change of scenery and dine at the restaurant ashore.

    This way you can explore unique enchanting towns, stroll through their evening streets and enjoy dishes from local restaurants. We'll happily share with you our places of choice.
  • Catamaran handling masterclass
    During your time on board, you will be given the opportunity to take a part in the art of sailing under the expert guidance of a qualified skipper who is part of our crew.

    Perhaps after the first acquaintance you will wish to continue further training in one of the certified sailing schools recommended by us. Who knows...


Gastronomy cruise

For our food lovers and fine-gourmets we will organise gastronomic cruises with the best chefs from Monaco, France and Italy restaurants. Tastings and cooking classes will be held on a daily basis, making your holiday even more interesting and diverse. You will learn the basic skills in cooking your favourite dishes using local produced ingredients.

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We offer flexible sailing charter dates depending on your preferences: from day trips or weekend itineraries to multi-week sea cruises around the Mediterranean Sea.
We work hard everyday to make our guests happy.
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