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1. Guide: Monaco Yacht Trip

Monaco is a city-state in the south of Europe with a 4 km coastline lined with the most beautiful and expensive villas, casinos, marinas, hotels and clubs.

The capital of the Principality is Monaco-Ville, with a population of up to 1,000 people. Located on the shores of the Ligurian Sea, it is not really a city but rather a luxurious medieval European village with beautiful architecture and quiet streets.

Nowadays almost every family holidaymaker on the Azure Coast can afford a private yacht cruise. The yacht charter service develops more and more every year. The "pandemic years" have given a new impetus to the development of the yachting infrastructure.

The idea of setting up a tailor-made sea cruise on a sailing catamaran 16 meters long for the whole family has become a lifesaver and virtually non-alternative.

Many people have swapped the usual all-inclusive beach holidays in lazy hotels for an adventure-filled sea cruise in wild, unique, deserted coves. And don't let the financial aspect scare you, as taking a yacht charter to Monaco for one week is as costly as a classic holiday in a good hotel.

2. Monaco yachting itineraries

The best way to plan your yachting itinerary through Monaco is to start your trip from Saint-Tropez or Cannes in time to explore most of the French Riviera.

  • Here is an example of a 105 nautical mile itinerary along the French Riviera: Monaco — Nice — Antibes — Cannes — Saint Tropez — Porquerolles — Corsica — Monaco.
  • You can also head in the opposite direction, towards the Italian Riviera: Monaco — Portofino — Naples — Capri — Sicily — Monaco.

Monaco's main advantage is its location almost on the border between France and Italy, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the Azure Coast and the culture and architecture of the two European countries.

We can help you select the best itinerary for your catamaran cruise, recommend the best coves for hiking, sightseeing routes, the best beaches and coastal restaurants.

3. Why are families increasingly choosing yacht cruises over hotels?

On a yacht cruise, you are completely free to select your own itinerary and berths. You can spend the night in a new place every day: whether it's a coastal town or a wild cove.

Or the opposite, stay for a few days in any location you like. A charter yacht holiday is a holiday just for you, your family and friends, with no strangers around.

You can visit the best beaches on the French and Italian Riviera, Nice, Antibes, Saint Tropez, Cannes and places for bathing inaccessible for normal tourists. No more crowds, queues, fees and tedious excursions.

4. What is a crewed charter?

A crewed charter means that the Signature Sailing catamaran will have 3 crew members on board for your convenience: a captain, a chef and a stewardess.

The Captain will chart a course to maximise your experience of the unique and enchanting Mediterranean coastline, take care of your safety and make your holiday a moderately active one, providing you with equipment for nautical entertainment.

The chef will surprise you with a specially designed Mediterranean menu and the stewardess will surround you with care, ensuring comfort and cosiness throughout your journey.

5. Closest airports to Monaco

The nearest international airport, the Azure Coast is in Nice, 40 minutes by taxi from Monaco or a 10-minute helicopter flight to the Monaco Heliport Airport.

6. Monaco's yachting season and weather

Between March and October, wind speeds are usually between 5 and 15 knots. Although there are days when the Mistral comes down from the nearby mountains at high speed, so it is worth checking the weather forecast for Monaco regularly. In winter, the same wind can blow up to 50 knots.

The local tourist season starts in May when temperatures reach +20°C. During the peak season, the temperature rises to 26°C. The maximum temperature is 33°C, but it is infrequent and falls quickly. Nice sailing weather reigns here.

  • Sailing season: June — August
  • Tourist season: May — October.

7. The boat trip of your dreams in Monaco

Try an alternative catamaran holiday! Your holiday will be more fulfilling and interesting than a usual hotel holiday. The yacht charter process with Signature Sailing Charter is simple, easy and convenient. So that the result: your yachting trip, will leave only positive emotions!

Long term cooperation is our priority. We strive to keep our guests coming back to us again and again. Create the catamaran cruise of your dreams with Signature Sailing Charter! Contact us.

8. Sail on the Signature Sailing's new charter catamaran

Choose one of our new sailing catamarans:

Signature Concept 2021

Signature Vision 2022

Book a yacht. Leave a request on our web-site and our manager will help you to book a boat with a crew (to hire a catamaran), to make payments and arrange necessary documents.

The dream yacht for your cruise will be waiting for you at a berth in your chosen waters and time. Our main port is located in Monaco. We can also cruise from the port of Nice, Cannes, St Tropez and other coastal towns on the Côte d'Azur, according to your wishes.

9. Amenities

  • Restaurant on board
  • Water entertainment
  • New comfortable cabins
  • Crew: captain, chef, stewardess

10. Price of a catamaran cruise

A catamaran cruise is comparable in cost to staying in a good hotel in Azure Coast. For example, the newest sailing yacht «Bali 5.4.» in high season (July-August) will cost on average from €5,850 for 2 days and 2 nights for a family or group of friends of up to 8 people.

The cruising price is then only about €731 per person for a fabulous weekend. Of course, that price doesn't include meals, transfers if those services are needed. But even with those costs taken into account, the cost of a yacht cruise is quite comparable to a holiday in a hotel format in Monaco for the same period.

A yacht of this type has 4 or 5 comfortable (double and single) cabins and can comfortably accommodate 8 people.

In addition to weekend boat trips, we offer week-long cruises with flexible dates. On this page you can choose the right "holiday package" for your stunning sailing holiday. For example, a state of the art sailing yacht Bali 5.4. will cost on:

  • €24,000 per week in the high season: July - September, Monaco (1/07-7/09).
  • €11,500 per week in low season: October - May (16/10-31/05).
  • €16,500 per week is base rate (1/06-30/06; 8/09-15/10).

This particular sailing boat will cost from €1.437 to €3.000/week (per person if you book a cruise for 8 people: for a family or group of friends). Of course, this price doesn't include meals, transfers if these services are needed.


Vacation packages for families, romantic getaways and short weekend trips. You can also order our chef's menu plan on board for the duration of your trip (as an add-on to the package)

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1 day + 1 night
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