The world-famous Monte Carlo area in Monaco

In the Principality of Monaco, the area with the famous name, Monte-Carlo, is referred to as the administrative district. Historically, it dates back to 1866, during the reign of Charles the Third. It was in his honor that it was named, as Monte Carlo.

Popularity of the Monte Carlo area

The Monte Carlo area gained its popularity due to its stunning luxury hotels and casinos. It is a densely populated area with a lot of heavy traffic. There is always a big influx of tourists coming and going in cars.

You can see a lot of expensive cars in the car parks and there is a significant traffic jam on the roads. Because of the small size of Monaco, new buildings in the area are built in an economical way in terms of floor space. An example of this is the skyscraper-houses that stand here. Each one has at least 30 floors, some even have 40 floors buildings.

In other words, construction here is carried out more in height than in width. The reason for this is the economy of the land area. However, the neighborhood is no less popular because of this.

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Monte Carlo area, Monaco

Monte-Carlo is famous for its casino

Entrance, strictly by dress code. Entry fees are charged and are often based on casino invitation cards or membership cards.

The casino building can be called a historical monument, as it was founded as far back as 1878. Thus, the French Riviera gained mass recognition and became a popular holiday destination first for kings and then for famous politicians, musicians, artists and the world's elite.

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Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino and the rules for visiting it

If you are a gambler, it is not unreasonable to try your luck at the casino to hit the jackpot. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the casino has its own rules and laws, which must not be broken. First, you can only get inside the casino by strictly following the dress code. That is, a man should wear a jacket and tie.

It's also worth knowing that the casino is open every day from lunch until dark. However, players must be at least 21 years old to enter. If you're looking to try your luck, you might also like to visit the Opera, which is located inside the casino building itself. Afterwards, take a stroll through the gardens surrounding the casino.

Your gambling rivals will be tourists just like you as the locals are forbidden by law to gamble in the casinos. But all natives of Monaco get interest on their winnings which they can only keep for themselves once they reach the age of 18.

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Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

Monte Carlo: the most interesting places in the area

While on holiday in Monaco, visiting Monte Carlo is worth a visit to the following places of curiosity:

  • The Japanese Garden
  • The Legs Alley
  • Opera House
  • Café de Paris

Once at the theater you can enjoy a view of Garnier's own creation and see a genuine example of the belle époque style. On entering the theater, you will have the opportunity to see a sculpture by the composer Jules Massenet.

The theater is a place that cherishes the memory of him. His premiere of the famous opera Don Quixote took place in this building back in 1910. And Chaliapin himself was in the title role at the time.

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Café de Paris, Monte-Carlo in Monaco

A walk along the coast will also give you a lot of pleasure

There's a great view of the sea, a quality marina, a harbour with awesome moored boats and yachts, and an interesting three-dimensional slipper construction made from lids and pots.

Walk the streets of Monte Carlo and admire and even visit the palace of the Grimaldi Princes. Enjoy the changing of the guard at the Princely Palace which takes place every day at 11:00.

It's a fascinating spectacle which draws crowds of tourists. You must be curious to see the Cathedral where the bodies of Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier the Third are buried. The Parliament and administrative buildings are not far away.

Visit the Oceanographic Museum or the Exotic Botanical Gardens for an unforgettable experience. Here you can learn a lot about the life of underwater inhabitants and see exotic plants, which will not only surprise you, but amaze you with their shapes and colors, their strangeness and even their intricacy.

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Exotic Botanical Gardens in Monaco

Walking the streets of Monte-Carlo

While in town and walking the streets of Monte-Carlo you can admire ancient houses, high-tech buildings, visit museums, and do memorable shopping in the local shops. The numerous sculptures around the city are particularly noteworthy.

The 'Floating Time' sculpture is a popular example, as is the 'Queen Mariana' sculpture by Spanish sculptor M. Valdez on the seafront.

In the afternoon you can relax on the beach, enjoying Monaco's mild climate and the sea air under the gentle rays of the sun. In the evening, be sure to go to a play or have dinner at a restaurant. At night, you can find something to do as well, like go to a colorful show or visit a casino.

Holiday in Monaco is expensive and not everyone can afford it. However, if you can, you must go for it in the beautifully named Monte Carlo.

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