Private catamaran cruise from Nice

As a holiday destination, Nice has it all. A cruise from Nice means you can enjoy this stunning city before boarding your private catamaran cruise. Spend a few days here and immediately start your cruise holiday with life on the chic coast of France.

Nice is known for its incredible beaches, long days of sunshine, lively shopping and nightlife. With excellent transport links and an airport, Nice is easy to get to and navigate.

Base yourself in the city centre, and you'll still be within walking distance of the marina and beaches. The surrounding countryside is ideal for travelling by bus, rented car or scooter. Don't stop there. Get out on the water and enjoy plenty of water sports. Or even deep sea fishing, diving or snorkelling. You and your family will love this place.

Before your cruise from Nice, we have prepared a detailed guide for 3 or more days on our blog to make your visit unforgettable.

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Nice coastline

Nice is an ancient city, elegant in French and wilful in Italian

It was founded by the Greeks in 350 BC and named after the goddess of victory, Nika. Today Nice is one of the most popular resorts on the Côte d'Azur, with a strong infrastructure and a collection of attractions.

The old town centre still retains a medieval feel with its narrow labyrinth of winding streets and clustered red-tiled houses, churches, cosy cafés and shops.

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Golden Tower of Nice

Seaside area of Nice

The seaside area of Nice has a very different feel to it, with lush, eclectic 19th- and 20th-century buildings with ornate facades and a loud pedigree. Nice is an aristocratic city with a romantic flair and a trip here is always unforgettable.
Impressive districts of Nice

The river Peillon divides Nice into two parts: the left bank (old) resembling the historic centre of Turin, the right bank much more modern and «French».

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Nice seaport

Old Nice

The main tourist area of the city is Old Nice, the construction of which dates back to the 14th century. Today it is home to many modern boutiques, colourful local food shops, restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels.

Sightseeing in the old town of Nice

The medieval narrow streets are filled with fun and light-heartedness around the clock. Old Nice has the following main tourist attractions: the Cathedral of St. Reparte, the Palais de la Commune, the Governor's Palace, the Senate and the Place Saint-François and Saleya.

Golden Square

The Golden Square (Carre d'Or) is an elegant neighbourhood a 5-minute walk from the sea. Here you can admire Maria Cristina's palace, stroll through the picturesque gardens of Albert, relax in a chic restaurant or stock up your wardrobe in a fashionable boutique.

Golden Square, Nice - Private Sailing Charters | Signature Sailing Charter
Golden Square, Nice

Cimieux Hill

One of the most bourgeois neighbourhoods in the city is the Cimieux Hill with its numerous Belle Epoque buildings. It is home to the Matisse Museum and the Notre-Dame-de-Simier monastery complex with its magnificent 16th century garden. Every year an international jazz festival is held in Cimiez.

Jean-Medsen Avenue

Almost all the streets in the Musicians' Quarter are named after great composers. Jean-Medsen Avenue, with its string of shops and hotels, is a key thoroughfare in the city.

Mont Boron

Nice's most picturesque district is Mont Boron, set in a hilly area with unique Mediterranean vegetation. It is in Mont Boron that Elton John built his villa.

Mont Boron. Private Catamaran Cruise | Signature Sailing Charter
Mont Boron, Nice

The most dangerous parts of Nice

The most dangerous parts of Nice are Place d'Arrienne and Les Moulins. They are far from the popular attractions and are regularly mentioned in the crime bulletins, so it's best for tourists not to go there. The centre is perfectly safe and a tram or taxi ride away.

Where to stay: hotels in Nice

Most hotels in Nice are located along the beach. Younger people prefer to stay in the old town with its fashionable restaurants, cafés, bars and discotheques. Outside the centre there are quieter areas, with many budget hotels in the neighbourhoods of Liberación, Sessol and St Silvestre to the north, and Manyan, Fabrón and Napoleón to the west. 

If you are a lover of luxury, excellence in service and a fan of luxury hotels, then the options on our list are to your liking:

  • Villa 5* Nice St Pancrace
  • Boscolo Nice Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Negresco
  • L'Abeille - Boutique Apartments
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Nice
  • Westminster Hotel & Spa Nice

The charming Negresco Hotel with private beach: it was built in 1912 and still maintains its impeccable reputation. Rooms start at 150 EUR per night.

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Negresco Hotel, Nice

The best way to get around the city: transport in Nice

Nice has a bus system with the romantic name of the Ligne d'azur (ex-SunBus). The tram lines connect the north of the city with the east through the city centre. 

Taxis are also available, but despite the meters, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance for a transfer.

The coastal towns on the French Riviera can be reached by the Signature Sailing Private Catamaran Charter. From Nice to Monaco, Antibes, Cannes and other coastal towns. The catamaran sailing itinerary includes more than 15 coastal towns you must visit: from France to Greece.

Check your itinerary with your catamaran sailing itinerary to make sure it's your port of departure and find out more about how to get to your port from our manager. A trip on a private Sailing Catamaran from Nice will be the best choice for your holiday.

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For more details, please contact our manager. Travel from Nice to Monaco, Antibes, Cannes, Naples or Crete on a scenic boat cruise.

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