Nice's Beaches & A Great Sailing Holiday For Two

The beautiful resort city of Nice is set on the French Côte d'Azur. There are a total of 37 beaches (15 private and 22 public) stretching from the airport to the city centre (Old Nice) along the Promenade des Anglais, skirting the baie des Anges, which means 'bay of angels’. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Nice.

8 Most popular beaches in Nice

1. Plage Publiquede Beau Rivage
2. Castel Plage
3. Blue Beach
4. Coco Beach
5. Plage Publique de l' Opéra
6. Florida Beach
7. Plage de la Lanterne
8. Plage Le Sporting

8 Most popular beaches in Nice | Signature Sailing Charter
Nice beaches: the perfect holiday for two

3 Best private beaches in Nice

The best private beaches in Nice are considered to be:

  • Castel Plage (stop - 8 Quai Etats Unis). It is located in the Bay of Angels, where the promenade ends and the Rauba Capeu hill rises.
  • Monte Carlo Beach, which has swimming pools and a jetty. Nearby is the most popular nightclub in Nice. The address of the beach is Avenue Princesse Grace.
  • Opera Beach (stop 30 Quai des États-Unis).

Sun loungers on pay-as-you-go beaches cost 15 to 18 euros. Umbrella: 5 to 6. Prices may vary depending on the season and the number of tourists in town.

8 Most popular beaches in Nice | Signature Sailing Charter
Castel Beach in Nice, French Riviera

Which beaches in Nice are great for children?

  • HI Beach, with an equipped children's area (sandpits, slides, children's beds, etc.). The bus stop is 32 Promenade des Anglais.

  • Rhul plage with a shallow saltwater pool and swimming instructor. The stop is the Hôtel Meridien (1 Promenade des Anglais).

  • Neptune plage (15, Promenade des Anglais) with a playground, kayak and pedal boat hire and more.

Learn more about Nice beaches. In Nice there are 22 free beaches (municipal beaches) and 15 beaches owned by coastal cafés and hotels. The beaches are all covered with pebbles and to walk on them, you have to buy special shoes at the entrance.

8 Most popular beaches in Nice | Signature Sailing Charter
Monte Carlo Beach in Nice, French Riviera

Fees for services at a private beach

At a private beach, there is usually a charge for renting an umbrella, sun lounger and towel, if necessary. The prices vary from place to place. An umbrella, for instance, will cost you €5-6, the same for a towel. A sun lounger may be rented for any part of the day or for the whole day. The minimum charge for a sun lounger is €15; the average is €18.

Prices are higher at the most popular, most visited spots. Choosing a beach that suits your financial situation is easy enough. Their owners place advertising and information boards on the seafront, listing the services offered and their costs.

Nice beaches: the perfect holiday for two | Signature Sailing Charter
Nice beaches: the perfect holiday for two on the French Riviera

How do I get to Nice's beaches?

It's very easy and convenient. Almost all public transport goes in the direction of the beaches. Buses go straight to the sea. You can get off at any stop that has the word "Promenade" in its name.

There is a motorway that runs parallel to Nice's strip of beaches and connects the city centre with the airport. To find out how to get to the sea from your hotel in Nice, simply open the public transport map and select the appropriate route.

There are dozens of routes to the beach. Even if you hop on the first bus near your hotel, you're guaranteed a good bet that it will come straight to the beach at some point.

If you're staying in a seaside hotel, just cross the road at the crossing. If you're inland, that's no problem: all the bus routes lead to the seafront. The best way to get there, however, is to take City Bus 23 (fare €1.5) or the tram.

Sailboat Rentals Near Me: Nice beaches | Signature Sailing Charter
Sailboat Rentals to visit Nice beaches

If your holiday is not limited to visiting the beaches, we recommend renting a car for a trip to France. However, if you are travelling from Monaco, France, Italy or Greece, we can offer you an unforgettable boat cruise to the beaches of Nice on a Signature Sailing Charter.

Book a fabulous sea cruise for 1, 2 or more days to Nice along the most scenic route in the Mediterranean Sea!

Infrastructure on Nice's beaches

Nice's free beaches have virtually no facilities: you have to sunbathe directly on the pebbles, there are no changing rooms or umbrellas.

The toilets on the beaches are not free and are not available everywhere.
All beaches are equipped with free showers to wash the sea salt off the body. 

The most popular free beach is the Plage Publiquede Beau Rivage (stop 107 Quaides Etats-Unis).

However, don't despair! All the municipal beaches alternate with beaches in which there are restaurants, bars, toilets and showers with cold and hot water.

Sailboat Rentals Near Me: Nice beaches | Signature Sailing Charter
Sailboat Rentals to visit Nice Beaches

What times can I go to beaches?

Municipal beaches can be visited without a time limit. Private beaches are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

When does the bathing season start?

The bathing season in Nice opens in May. But the seawater is still cool at this time of year (not higher than 23° C). The best time is early July. This period lasts until September/October.

The autumn months are also ideal for a beach holiday in Nice. The weather is comfortable, there are fewer people on the beaches and the prices are much lower.

Sailboat Rentals Near Me: Nice beaches | Signature Sailing Charter
Nice Beaches, French Riviera

Are there sandy beaches in Nice?

Our answer is NO. As we wrote above, all the beaches in the town are pebbly. So if you want to lie on a sandy beach, you can take a ride on a Signature Sailing Charter catamaran to one of the nearby towns. Go to Antibes or Cannes for instance.

The experience is an amazing boat ride! For more information, please contact our manager. Set sail from Nice to Monaco, Antibes, Cannes, Italy or Greece on a Scenic Catamaran Sailing Cruise.

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