Monaco-Ville Old Town

The old town of the Principality of Monaco-Ville is a stunning destination for new experiences and holiday for most of our guests who embark on a Signature Sailing catamaran cruise around the Mediterranean Sea.

Not every country can boast that its borders are so small that a visitor can visit practically every place and see all the attractions of the kingdom in a single visit.

All of the Principality's districts can be visited in one day. There are four districts in total in the Principality. We are now going to talk about one of them. This is Monaco-Ville. The oldest district in the Principality is situated on the rocky cliff of Saint-Antoine. The cliff is about six dozen metres high and has a spectacular view of the sea from the top.

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Monaco Ville

History of Monaco-Ville

Monaco-Ville is the "Old City" which was mentioned as early as in Virgil's poems. Monaco Ville was the site of many battles. In 1927 F. Grimaldi was victorious here.

It was here that Julius Caesar prepared his fleet for the war against Pompey and where Francois Grimaldi, dressed as a priest, seized the impregnable Genoese fortress of Monaco.

Since then, for 700 years, the throne of Monaco has been passed to descendants in the Garimaldi line. In fact, the 1815 Treaty of Monaco made it a requirement for Monaco's sovereignty: with the end of the dynasty, the Principality reverted to the possession of France.

The medieval appearance of Monaco's oldest district with its Palace Square and the residence of the ruling dynasty has survived almost to the present day, allowing you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Monaco's dramatic and eventful history.

A notable feature of the area is the fact that foreigners are not allowed to settle here. He is also the founder of the current dynasty which rules the Principality, and it must be said succeeds in doing so.

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Prince's Palace of Monaco

Old Town houses a thousand inhabitants

But each of these thousands of residents cherishes the memory and history of the area. After all, every pebble, every house, every kerb has historical significance and is nothing less than an architectural monument.

Those who come here for the first time are often surprised by the fact that the buildings and houses are built so close to the cliff that they look as if they are about to fall over. But their construction is robust and this proximity of the buildings is due to the scarcity of land.

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Monaco seaport

When is the best time to visit Monaco-Ville?

The mild, warm climate of the Principality allows tourists to holiday in Monaco-Ville almost all year round. It is warm for about 8 months of the year.

You can walk through the Principality on foot in almost an hour. A day is enough to take your time getting around Monaco in all directions, even lingering in the cosy cafés on the waterfront. But even a month isn't long enough to get a sense of the romantic spirit and the country's rich history.

Clean beaches, water rides and entertainment let holidaymakers breathe in the local air and colour at the same time. There are sailing boats and catamarans, jet skis and water-skiing.

Our sailing catamaran Signature Sailing Charter also stops close to Monaco Ville to drop off guests for a day or multi-day Mediterranean cruise. Signature Sailing Charter is headquartered in Monaco, near Monaco-Ville Old Town, at 4 Rue des Geraniums, 98000 Monaco.

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After a rest on the water, everyone will want a snack. That's no problem, there's a wide range of restaurant-type establishments offering a host of delicious dishes. In the centre of the Old Town you can drop into any of the local cafes to enjoy popular snacks.

And if you decide to try the fine local cuisine at the cosy Monaco Ville restaurant for dinner during your Signature Sailing Charter cruise, we'll make recommendations. Just get in touch with our manager.


Shopping lovers will enjoy a trip to the famous brand shops. The shops in the Old Town also offer a large selection of souvenirs, jewellery and antiques.

Important to know! It is forbidden to use any form of transport in the city after 22:00. But you can walk around on foot and enjoy the clean sea air.

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Saint-Antoine rock in Monaco

What places worth visiting in the Old Town of Monaco-Ville

There are plenty of places to visit in the city, and a walk can take an entire day! The Gardens of Martin and Fort Antoine are worth a visit.

Dukes Grimaldi Palace. The throne room, the palace's grand staircases, several palace rooms and even the Bonaparte Museum inside. There's also an archive with historical books, records and documents from different eras. There is also a guard of 12 soldiers on duty at the dukes' door round the clock.

Local justice system. An old building from 1930. Made of rare tufa from Italy. Unfortunately the building can only be viewed from the outside, tourists are not allowed inside.

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Waterfront Street in Monaco Ville

Museums. Monaco Ville has three of them: the Oceanographic Museum, the Museum of Old Monaco, and the Wax Museum. They are all worth a visit. The first will show you the secrets of Cousteau himself. It will show you not only the underwater world, but also the equipment that took out the maritime curiosities from the depths.

The second, will introduce you to the historical and cultural heritage of the local people of the Principality, revealing many Monegasque secrets. The third, a wax museum, will show you all the members of the Grimaldi family, in the form of wax figures.

Cathedral of Saint Nicholas. This shrine stands next to the Justice, so once here you can admire two sights at once. The cathedral is made of beautiful white stone and is a historical monument of Monaco. It was erected back in 1875. Services and weddings take place in the cathedral. It is also home to the Princely Vault of Grimaldi which has been in operation since the 13th century.

These are the main attractions of the Old City that you can visit in 1 day during your Mediterranean cruise on one of our Signature Sailing Charter catamarans

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Visit the Monaco Ville at least once, and you'll realise how beautiful the place is! And if you are planning to add some glamour to your holiday then you should definitely visit the famous Casino of Monte-Carlo.

We wish you a great holiday!

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