Catamaran vacation: what can you see in Cannes in 1 day?

Cannes is the film festival capital of the world. It is also on of the most fashionable resorts in the world. The city is ready to welcome visitors all year round: there is sunny weather almost all the time. The beaches are inviting with their golden sand and the sights never fail to amaze travellers.

We have at least 10 ideas with sights to visit on the seafront in Cannes in 1 day on our Signature Sailing catamaran cruise.

La Croisette

The city's most striking landmark is the Croisette. Once a simple country road, the promenade is lined with luxurious villas and modern hotels, which are growing in number each year.

Strolling along the palm tree plantations, you can visit the most famous boutiques where the world's celebrities dress. This is a favourite strolling spot for locals and tourists alike.

The famous Croisette begins near the famous Palm Beach Casino and connects the centre of Cannes with the old port and the Festival Palсe (Palais des Festivals). This is where the Cannes Festival is held. Each year the world's biggest stars flock to this temple of art, while their fans are mesmerised by the parade of their favourite actors.

La Croisette Catamaran vacation from Cannes | Signature Sailing Charter
La Croisette

The Avenue of Stars in Cannes

For a brief list of Cannes' main attractions, you can't help but notice this palm-lined walkway. Not far from the Festival Palace you can see the Alley of Stars.

The alley is a walkway with the handprints of famous people made in metal. The alley, though small, is truly "star-studded". Since 1985, more than 400 celebrities have left their handprints here: directors, actresses and actors, producers, screenwriters, etc.

Charlie Chaplin, Princess Diana, Sophia Loren and modern film stars have all left their handprints here. Among the modern film stars, the stainless steel reliefs show the handprints of Quentin Tarantino, Catherine Deneuve, Sharon Stone and other celebrities from the world of cinema.

The Avenue of Stars in Cannes sailboat vacation to Cannes| Signature Sailing Charter
The Avenue of Stars in Cannes

Le Suquet

When it comes to historical monuments, Le Suquet (the Suke District) is a must-see for a great view of the city. Nearby is the ancient castle of Kastr, built in the 12th century. Today, the castle houses an ethnological and an archaeological museum. The most important religious building is St. Michael's Cathedral. 

If you take a tour of St. Margaret's Island, you can walk around Fort Royal Fortress. It was built in the 17th century and served as the city's main defensive point, blocking the way for pirates. Here the Iron Mask, a prisoner whose name is known to all, was imprisoned.

Le Suquet sailboat vacation from Cannes  | Signature Sailing Charter
Le Suquet, Cannes

The neighbourhood of «La California»

The name "La California" evokes the association with the United States, and this is no coincidence: although in the 19th century it was taken up by the British aristocrats, nowadays most of the luxurious villas belong to American millionaires. It is one of the most luxurious "bedroom communities" not only in France, but in all of Europe.

La California sailboat vacation from Cannes | Signature Sailing Charter
La California, Cannes

A neighbourhood of fine boutiques and expensive restaurants

The city centre, which locals casually refer to as the "banana" because of its shape, is the exact opposite of the Suke District. The chic boutiques and expensive restaurants of Antibes street (Rue d’Antibes) and the surrounding area are in this district.

The quiet, bourgeois neighbourhood of Petit Jouras

Most of the houses of the locals are located to the northwest of the city centre, in the Petit Jourasses neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is quiet and bourgeois, lacking in special attractions but still possessing a certain unostentatious charm: one can stroll there thoughtfully and unhurriedly to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lérins Islands

The Lérins Islands, just off the coast, are a major natural attraction in Cannes. They are easily accessible from our Signature Sailing catamaran.

A unique atmosphere of tranquillity and privacy awaits the travellers. The islands offer many beautiful walks and are home to several interesting archaeological sites. Discover sailing holidays in the Mediterranean: 10 sights to see in Cannes.

Lérins Islands in Cannes Mediterranean sailing vacations | Signature Sailing Charter
Lérins Islands, Cannes

Beach holidays in Cannes

Tourist guides love to write about the miles of pure white sand on Cannes' beaches. It sounds beautiful and gives the impression that there are no problems with the city's bathing facilities. In reality, this is not the case.

Firstly, during the holiday season the 'population' of the town doubles and there are not enough municipal beaches for everyone.

Secondly, although the shallow entrance to the water on most of them is convenient for bathing with children, there is practically no special children's infrastructure.

Thirdly, the most comfortable and well-equipped beaches belong to the hotels (closed beaches). For example, the entrance to the beach at the private hotel Martinez, will cost from 20€ to 30€. Here, a world star can easily find himself in the neighbouring sun lounger.

The private beaches at Festival and Ondine, on the most popular parts of La Croisette, are also frequented by international film stars.

Private Beach holidays in Cannes, sailing vacations | Signature Sailing Charter
Private Beach, Cannes

Private, city and free beaches

Private beaches that are not affiliated with hotels are also chargeable. This is not so much a sign of greed on the part of the city authorities as a bitter necessity: keeping a congested coastline in order is expensive for the city.

There are so-called 'city-run beaches'. There are two in Cannes: the Masée and the Zamenhof. They are interested in that they represent an intermediate option between paid and free beaches: entrance to these beaches is free. You pay only for the extra services: sun lounger, sun umbrella and so on.

But there is an alternative for the budget-minded: there are 13 free beaches in the city! Of course, they are less prestigious and do not offer the same level of service as the famous private beaches of the hotels.

The cleanliness of the city's beaches is carefully monitored and there is almost no difference in terms of the quality of sand and water on the free beaches.

Beach holidays in Cannes, Mediterranean sailing vacations from Cannes | Signature Sailing Charter
Beach on the Croisette in Cannes

A culinary tradition: what can Cannes have to offer?

The culinary tradition of Cannes is a fusion of coastal and continental Provence cuisine. This is why both rustic dishes, like rosemary rabbit stew, and fisherman's soups, like the famous Bouillabaisse, are just as popular in the city.

In Cannes, Bouillabaisse has a rival: a soup of grated cod and herring. Grated cheese is commonly added and eaten with croutons soaked in aioli sauce.

Oysters and mussels, on the other hand, have long since ceased to be part of the local cuisine, as modern shellfish in France come from the Atlantic. The same goes for most other seafood like lobster, crayfish and prawns.

When it comes to drinks, the traditional Provence rose wine is worth a try; it's not yet that popular outside of France, so take home a bottle or two as a souvenir.

Pastis is an excellent gift for the family. This drink has become a fixture in the south of France. It is stronger in its pure form than vodka, so it is diluted with water to a smoky grey colour and drunk in small sips.

Restaurant sea view in Cannes, sailing vacations | Signature Sailing Charter
A restaurant overlooking the sea in Cannes

Cafés and restaurants in Cannes: where should you stay for lunch or dinner?

It is almost impossible to go hungry in Cannes: the city offers a huge selection of restaurants, cafés, snack bars and fast food outlets such as Flunch and Subway.

An interesting feature of the city's culinary map is the fairly clear division into districts: upmarket restaurants in five-star hotels are located along La Croisette and on the east side of rue d'Antibes.

Prices for lunch in such establishments start at 150€ per person. There are a large number of diners and reservations are recommended, especially during the holiday season.

As you move towards the Suke district, the signs become more modest and the prices more humane. For example, a plate of bouillabaisse in a sidewalk cafe would cost from 20€. Smaller restaurants will appeal to those who love Provençal exotica.

You can have a leisurely dinner at a table on the veranda, enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere of the restaurant we recommended during a sea cruise with Signature Sailing. Contact us for more details.

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