Sea cruise to Antibes, France

Antibes is not far from Nice; it is a beautiful old town and a famous beach resort. Medieval streets, an ancient fortress and an azure coast are the first associations that can be used to describe this beautiful picturesque town. Here are some of the most iconic sights to see in Antibes in a day.

As for traditional activities, there are no limits at all:

  • diving
  • jet skiing 
  • water parachuting
  • seaplanes

— holidaymakers can borrow all the necessary equipment from one of the rental shops.

For the shoppers who love shopping, Antibes has the most prestigious fashion boutiques and shopping malls in the Promenade du Soleil. You can combine a stroll through the various shops with a visit to the local restaurants and cafés that will also delight gourmets.

Catamaran Charter to Antibes Old Town, France | Signature Sailing Charter
Antibes Old Town, France

Family attractions in Antibes

If you like to take your kids to picturesque parks, you'll love Exflora Parc. The park features an abundance of exquisite landscaping, spacious lawns, huge flowerbeds, and even an artificial lake. This picturesque spot is perfect for children, with picnic areas and plenty of walking routes.

Sports enthusiasts will love the Soccer Park, a quaint little sports complex. As its name suggests, it is dedicated to football, a sport that is loved by all. This amusement park incorporates the popular sports bar as well as the fully equipped football pitches. The center offers great entertainment for the whole family and has both indoor and outdoor pitches, making it accessible all year round.

Visitors with children of all ages can enjoy a very unusual Puppet Show in Antibes. Remarkable for its pets that take part in the shows, it is a great attraction for the youngest children and for school-aged children alike.

Visitors can vary their leisure experience by visiting the Golf Club, where the aristocratic game can be taught to adults as well as children. The Marine Animal Park provides entertaining shows featuring dolphins and seals every day and the youngest travellers are offered the chance to swim in the same pool as the dolphins.

Catamaran Charter to the golf course, Antibes| Signature Sailing Charter
The golf course, Antibes

Marineland Zoo and Aquarium

There are many attractions for travellers in Antibes, the most popular for families is Marineland. This marine animal park offers many activities and attractions. Not only does it have an excellent aquarium, where you can see the exotic inhabitants of the underwater world, but there is also a lovely petting farm with attractions for children of all ages.

Those visiting Antibes with their family should not miss the famous Marienland water park with its large aquariums, amusement rides and cafés. Water lovers will love the modern water park with its swimming pools and colourful slides, as well as the isolated leisure area.

Catamaran Charter to Marienland water park in Antibes| Signature Sailing Charter
Marienland water park in Antibes

For those travelling with children, the Marineland Zoo offers dolphin shows, deep sea experiences and a fun aqua park.

Another of the city's sights is the Marineland Oceanarium. This is one of the most famous aquariums in Europe, where you can fully appreciate the beauty and majesty of the sea. The oceanarium has seals, harbour seals, and dolphins that put on great shows. The recreation area has a large pool with artificial waves, leisurely rivers and water slides. Mariland Water Park is a great holiday destination for the whole family.

Catamaran Charter to the Marineland Oceanarium in Antibes | Signature Sailing Charter
The Marineland Oceanarium in Antibes

Entertainment in Antibes

Antibes is commonly referred to as a 'youth resort' for its nightlife, discos and bars. Indeed, for nightlife lovers there is a huge variety of options for an exciting holiday. Most of the vibrant discotheques are close to the coast, and the music doesn't stop till the early morning. The most stylish and popular nightclub is La Siesta, although it feels wrong to call it a regular club.

The casino, beautiful bar and rousing disco offer guests an original entertainment programme every night. The music is varied, ranging from retro to contemporary artists. The bar provides a more intimate and romantic setting, with new cocktails and original snacks being added daily. The casino also caters for all tastes, from traditional roulette and poker to the most modern slot machines.

Croisette in Antibes: Catamaran Rentals near me | Signature Sailing Charter
La Croisette in Antibes

Sport remains another popular pastime for holidaymakers, and is not confined to the usual beach activities. Everyone can sign up for a yacht club and go on a boat excursion.

Antibes has long attracted lovers of sailing and underwater fishing, and trips to the most interesting sites are organised for holidaymakers. During a stroll around the harbour area, holidaymakers can see the beautiful cruise liners.

Cultural Attractions in Antibes

Antibes' most famous landmark is the Napoleon Museum, which exhibits the life and work of the great emperor. The beautiful mansion houses items that once belonged to Bonaparte. Fine furnishings, antique furniture and historical documents are all on display.

Parts of the exposition also include works by marine painters. The museum also keeps models of vintage ships.

Catamaran Rental to Antibes Cathedral | Signature Sailing Charter
Antibes Cathedral

Castles in and around Antibes

  • 'Château de Antibes' Alpes-Maritimes, 0.5 km from the center.
  • 'Château de Roquefort' Alpes-Maritimes, 12.6 km from the center.
  • 'Château de La Napoule' Alpes-Maritimes, 15.5 km from the center.
  • 'Château de Nice' Alpes-Maritimes, 18.1 km from the center.
  • 'Château de Gourdon' Alpes-Maritimes, 18.9 km from the center.

Catamaran Rental to Antibes Castle | Signature Sailing Charter
Antibes Castle

National Parks in/near Antibes

  • Préalpes d'Azur' Regional Nature Park, 24.9 km from the center.
  • Verdon Regional Nature Park, 100.2 Km from the center.
  • Regional Nature Park 'Queyras', 130.1 km from the center.

Catamaran Rental to Verdon Regional Nature Park| Signature Sailing Charter
Verdon Regional Nature Park

Art galleries in/near Antibes

  • Art gallery 'Musée des Arts Asiatiques' Nice, 12.3 km from center.
  • Fondation Maeght' art gallery Saint-Paul, Alpes-Maritimes, 13.1 km from the center.
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nice' art gallery, 16.3 km from the center.
  • Musée d art moderne et d art contemporain' Nice art gallery, 18.5 km from the center.
  • Musée Matisse' Nice art gallery, 19.8 km from the center.

Fort Carre, the main symbol of Antibes

The main symbol of Antibes is Fort Carre, located on the west side. The fortress was built in 1565 and has a very unusual shape for a medieval fortress: the four-pointed star. In the 18th century, the fortress was further fortified by order of Louis XIV who made it his main military base. It was here that Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned in 1794, and here he was to await his execution.

Antibes Fort Carre: Catamaran Rentals near me | Signature Sailing Charter
Antibes Fort Carre

Antibes Old Town (Vieille Ville)

The most noteworthy buildings are in the old town, whose main attractions remain the Grimaldi Castle and the Church of Immaculate Concepcion. These buildings were built in the 12th and 13th centuries and have been perfectly preserved to this day.

In the 16th century the castle was greatly expanded and in 1925 it was converted into a museum dedicated to the history of the city. The old quarter of Antibes is also a great place for shopping as this is where one of the largest covered markets in France is located.

Antibes Old Town: Catamaran Rentals near me | Signature Sailing Charter
Antibes Old Town

The beaches of Antibes

Naturally the main attraction for tourists is the beautiful beaches which are well-equipped for water sports. The coastal area is full of restaurants, bars, tavernas, discos and live music by day and night. There is a large amusement park at the entrance to the town which in addition to the rides includes a botanic garden, several parks and restaurants.

Antibes Beach: Catamaran Rentals near me | Signature Sailing Charter
Antibes Beach

Cap of Antibes

At the center of many famous sites in Antibes lies the Cap of Antibes (Cap d'Antibes), home to the Group's old lighthouse and the graceful old chapel. Today it is a museum of sorts, housing some very interesting Russian relics brought here during the Crimean War.

A sightseeing tour of the Cap must include a stroll through the Ture Garden, which is also historic. It was founded in 1857 by the famous French botanist and explorer Gustave Turet. This amazing garden covers around 5 hectares and features over 3,000 plants.

Cap d'Antibes: Catamaran Rentals near me | Signature Sailing Charter
Cap d'Antibes

Grimaldi Castle

History buffs should not miss out on the Grimaldi Castle which has always been associated with Pablo Picasso. Built in the 12th century and dating back to Roman times, the earliest fortifications were built on the site. 

The castle was rebuilt several times over its hundreds of years of existence and fell into a state of disrepair in the early 20th century. In 1925 the city of Antibes bought the historic building and converted it into a museum.

In 1946 Pablo Picasso visited Antibes and for a long time he was unable to find a suitable space for his work. The city council then offered him a part of the old château to be converted into an art studio. Today the castle is also home to an art museum dedicated to Picasso.

Grimaldi Castle in Antibes: Sailboat Charters near me | Signature Sailing Charter
Grimaldi Castle in Antibes

Picasso Museum

For art lovers, the Picasso Museum contains priceless prints and paintings by the great painter. There are also rich collections of ceramics and sketches that the world-famous painter used.

One of the halls of the museum has a small collection of archaeological artefacts, some of which are quite curious. A separate room is dedicated to the works of renowned artists such as Joan Miró, Max Ernst and Jean Cocteau.

St Andrew's Bastion

A number of medieval fortifications have survived along the coast of Antibes, including the St Andrew's Bastion or the Bastion of Saint-André. Today this historic building, which dates back to 1698, has been converted into an archaeological museum.

The museum was founded in 1928 and was originally a small private collection of finds from the Gallo-Roman period. The museum was officially opened in 1963 and today visitors can admire valuable artefacts dating back over 2,500 years.

St Andrew's Bastion in Antibes: Sailboat Charters near me | Signature Sailing Charter
St Andrew's Bastion in Antibes

San Bernardini Chapel

One of the most popular religious monuments in Antibes, the Chapel of San Bernardini was built in the 16th century and is a striking Neo-Gothic monument. The beauty of the decoration of the chapel is difficult to match; the hall is adorned with intricate paintings, stucco and colourful stained-glass. The chapel holds many interesting religious relics.

Floristic Park: an open-air Museum

Nature lovers will love the scenic walks in the Floristic Park that contains over two thousand trees and shrubs. Its main attraction are the lush flowerbeds, and it's a favourite resting place for tourists and locals alike. The Provençal farm is an interesting attraction.

It is an open-air museum that introduces visitors to the lifestyle of local farmers. For a relaxing break in nature, the Floristic Park is the perfect place to take a stroll in the fragrant flower beds or relax in the shade of the trees.

Antibes Floristic Park: Sailboat Charters near me | Signature Sailing Charter
Antibes Floristic Park | Signature Sailing Charter

There is a food market just steps away from the farm, where you can buy the tastiest, healthiest produce. Visitors with children should stop by the Puppet Theatre, which often puts on exciting shows. Ragged puppets are not the only characters in the shows, but pets also take part.

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