Monaco: flamboyant, flashy and gambling

The Principality of Monaco is a paragon of good taste and refined zest for life. It is all about the high life: yachts, casinos and Formula 1, plus the royal family as the main attraction. In this article, we tell you about the main attractions, leisure, shopping and interesting resorts in Monaco.

Luxury, elitism, premium are fondling synonyms for the sweet word "Monaco"

A tiny monarchy on the borders of France, measuring just two square kilometres, it is a centre of attraction for the rich and famous, and for those who aspire to become or at least briefly pretend to be one.

Lounge on the fashionable beaches of the Ligurian Sea, looking out for oligarchs, politicians and celebrities. Tour the sights in a convertible imagining yourself as Prince Rainier or Grace Kelly.

Stay in one of the posh hotels or have breakfast at a local restaurant. Buy a ticket to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Bet completely and wholeheartedly on zero... Where better to try your luck than at the Monte Carlo Casino?

And if you're not counting on a full holiday in the Principality, a Signature Sailing Charter European Cruise is an experience that's bright but not ruinous.

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Monaco coastline

What is the best time of year to visit Monaco?

The Principality enjoys about 300 days of sunshine per year, with the heaviest rainfall in autumn and winter. The best time to travel is from May to September, when there are no obstacles to sightseeing and beach holidays.

Signature Sailing Charter recommends booking your Monaco cruise in advance. For example, to get on a charter in May or June, book your tickets from January until mid-April.

Impressive districts of the Principality

The state of Monaco does not have a capital; it only has districts, one of which is Monaco-Ville. It is the oldest of the Principality's 10 districts, and it is here that the most notable monuments of architecture are concentrated.

Palace Square. Monaco-Ville is punctuated by picturesque footpaths that lead to the Palace Square, where the official residence of the Prince Family is located.

The Palace Square | Signature Sailing
Palace Square in Monaco

Saint-Antoine rock. Many tourists flock here to watch the changing of the guard, which consists of 12 perfectly matched soldiers. The area is nestled on top of the Saint-Antoine rock 60 m above sea level.

This is where Francesco Grimaldi, founder of the dynasty that still reigns today, first arrived back in the 13th century and took the city not by combat but by stealth: he disguised himself as a monk, walked through unimpeded and opened the gates for his soldiers.

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Saint-Antoine rock in Monaco

White-stone Prince's Palace of Monaco. The old streets of Monaco-Ville radiate down to the main square with the white-stone Prince's Palace, and many of the buildings balance against the cliff, as even a thousand locals need somewhere to fit.

Monte Carlo threatens to surpass the capital in popularity, sociality and concentration of entertainment. The highlight, of course, is the casino, founded by Charles III in the 19th century on the site of a sheep pasture.

Monte Carlo is the place to enjoy the comfort of a luxury hotel and an amazing cuisine at the best restaurants on the Côte d'Azur, shopping in couture boutiques, renowned spas and cocktails at fancy parties.

Monte Carlo Casino | Signature Sailing
Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

La Condamine. If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of tourist areas, head to the quiet, respectable La Condamine. This is an area of banks, offices, shopping and business centres.

The main attractions of Monaco

A trip to this country cannot fail to be memorable because it is literally brimming with historical and cultural monuments.

Botanical Gardens of Monaco. It has several names, but one thing is certain, this attraction should be one of the first to see. There are unique collections of cacti, succulents and other plants. The most important thing about this place is the stunning panoramic view! The whole of the Principality is at your fingertips.

We would like to point out that the Monaco Botanical Garden is 1 hectare in length. It specialises mainly in plants with special tissues where water is stored. A collection of plants has been brought here from all over the world.

Botanical Gardens of Monaco | Signature Sailing Charter
Botanical Garden of Monaco

Monaco public beach. Monaco has the only public beach where you can have a great time after your sea cruise, Larvotto Beach. This Monaco landmark is a must for those looking for a glamorous beach holiday as the beach is one of the most expensive in the world. 

You can sunbathe topless on the beach, but be aware that the lack of jewellery on the body can be seen as bad form. In the sea, a jellyfish net stretches along the entire coastline, which is especially appreciated by mothers with children.

Monaco public beach | Signature Sailing Charter
Monaco public beach

Japanese garden. This Monaco landmark is considered a real wonder and is located on Avenue Princesse Grace, as close to the beach as possible. When you look at the photos of the garden, you realise that it deservedly ranks among the best in the world.

It is known that the creation of the Japanese Garden was commissioned to architect and landscaper Yassu Beppu. It took a whole team of designers 17 months to meticulously tackle the technical challenges, and it was well worth it. The result is a masterpiece that to this day ranks among the finest attractions not just in the country, but in the world.

The plants were chosen and arranged according to concepts such as the 4 seasons (a symbol of the cyclical nature of human life) and the 5 cardinal points.

The Japanese garden | Signature Charter
Moncao Japanese Garden

Fort Antoine, built in the 18th century, is now used as a theatre. A pyramid of cannonballs stands in the centre of the fort.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral. A tour to Monaco almost never goes without a visit to the main church, which is a Romanesque building constructed between 1875 and 1903. The interior is decorated with paintings by Louis Brea.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral | Signature Sailing Charter
Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco

Monaco's Oceanographic Museum, perched on the cliffs of the seashore. The museum was founded by Prince Albert I. The peculiarity of the place is the huge aquarium, which occupies most of the ground floor. There are marine-themed exhibitions here.

Museum of Old Monaco. This is where you'll find a whole collection of antiques, ceramics and paintings. The furnishings are made of surviving furniture from past centuries.

The national costumes also attract interest, as they seem to be transported back in time. The museum is free to visit, open on selected days of the week from June to September.

Not sure what to see in Monaco in 1 day?

Prince's Palace of Monaco. When exploring the country's main attractions, don't overlook the official residence of its rulers. This place with an interesting history cannot fail to impress by the grandeur of its appearance, located in the already mentioned Monaco-Ville area.

Exciting to know if there is a flag flying over the roof of a large public building, it means the prince is within his chambers. A special feature of the palace is the Italian Gallery, the room in which the throne stands, the Salons of Louis XV and Mazarini inside the palace.

In the summer concerts are often held in the courtyard. The palace is not entirely open to tourists; the Grimaldi's chambers are in the south-west wing.

The Princely Palace | Signature Sailing Charter
Prince's Palace of Monaco

Visit the church, formally called the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. It also serves as the family tomb of the rulers of the state.

Port Hercule. The Port Hercule, one of Monaco's two most famous seaports, is a must for a day trip. This place is deservedly considered luxurious and modern.

Today, Hercule, the largest and oldest port in the Principality, is home to some 700 impeccable ships. The most luxurious yachts in the world can be seen here. The view of the city of Monte-Carlo is magnificent from here. Relatively affordable restaurants and hotels are open next to the port.

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Monaco Port Hercule

Monte Carlo Casino. The places of interest in Monaco are not limited to gardens and cathedrals. Casinos are the country's calling card, and the Monte Carlo Casino is among the most respectable gambling houses in the world.

It came into being after Prince Charles the Third sold two cities to Napoleon III. He decided to use the proceeds to create an aristocratic resort. The French financier was asked to open a casino in Monaco and the result was a very beautiful building. Before lunch, it can be visited like a normal museum, all you need to do is buy a ticket to enter and there is no dress code.

Café de Paris. Another Monaco landmark is located in the busiest place in Monte Carlo, namely the famous Casino Square. The cafe is very popular with tourists because you can see the wax figures of the subjects of the Principality live there.

The cuisine at Café de Paris is not only high quality but also varied. The chef manages to create the most original dishes with an unforgettable taste.

Café de Paris Monaco | Signature Sailing Charter
Café de Paris in Monaco

Where to stay in Monaco?

Many of the Principality's hotels are in chic, historic buildings, and the Hermitage and De Paris are in palaces. Hotels of 4-5 stars dominate, costing from 500 EUR per night. 3-star hotels are far fewer. 

An economical option would be mini-hotels: Monte Carlo has several options from 120 EUR per night for two people. Apartments start at 190 EUR per night.

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