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1. week-long yacht cruise

Have you heard about week-long sailing catamaran cruises?

A yacht or sailing catamaran cruise is a new tourist destination that has become very popular in the last few years. More and more people are opting for a yacht cruise holiday instead of hotels. Especially when we talk about the French Azure Coast (Côte d’Azur) and cities such as: Monaco, Cannes, Nice or St Tropez.

2. Why are catamaran cruises becoming more common?

Just five years ago, cruising on a yacht seemed like something outrageous and very expensive. But that was nothing more than a stereotype. Modern yachting business is not only luxury "mega-yachts" of millionaires, but it is rather unitary fleet of yachts.

Rest on such a yacht is quite comparable to recreation in a good hotel. Moreover, the quality of rest on a new sailing catamaran is incommensurable higher! Every coastline on the Azure Coast, and all its beautiful scenery, is added to your trip.

For example, the modern and trendy Signature Sailing Charter catamaran is equipped with the latest technology.

Inside, it is a real suite with modern design:

  • Galley (kitchen)
  • Large salon
  • 4 or 5 cabins

That said, there are a fair number of double cabins (usually two to four) and toilets. On the outside, it is a genuine Category A seagoing vessel, i.e. capable of crossing the ocean in autonomous mode. The yacht can be sailing or motorised. But for certain reasons, sailboat cruises are the most popular.

On a one-week yacht cruise, you travel to unique destinations. On a yacht cruise, you travel to places that are truly unique and often inaccessible to classic tourists. Each day you well spend the night in a new location. It could be a coastal town or a wild cove.

3. catamaran cruises of SIGNATURE sailing

You can find a lot of commercial offers online from individuals and some companies for sailing catamaran cruises. Beware of the fact that not all the yachts advertised are in new condition and not all of them have a comfortable modern layout.

To make sure you are absolutely satisfied and happy with your cruising, we can offer you brand new and modern sailing catamarans for 2021 and 2022. On Signature Sailing Charter yachts, you will feel as comfortable and safe as a good hotel, 100%!

4. What is a group cruise on a yacht?

Sometimes you may see advertisements on the internet for people who want to go on a group cruise. What does it mean? Let's say a standard 40ft (12 m) sailing yacht can accommodate 6 people.

By organising a group cruise on a yacht, each cabin is sold separately (this does not apply to Signature Sailing Charter cruises). That means you'll literally be sharing a cabin with a stranger for at least a week. There are sure to be some who like it, but they are always in the minority.

You can buy a whole cabin, for example, for yourself or your spouse (this does not apply to Signature Sailing Charter cruises). But even then you are not immune to hitchhikers. Space on a yacht is limited, and it can be difficult to share it with strangers in the current. If that's the case, then cruising on a yacht will not be fun.

A week-long yacht cruise is usually a family holiday or holiday with friends (this is our philosophy). Signature Sailing Charter does not offer cabin hire. You can book a whole family cruise or a boat trip just for your inner circle. For the duration of the cruise, the boat will be entirely at your disposal.

5. What is a charter week?

Yacht charters are measured in weeks: this is a common global practice. For example, you take the yacht on Saturday lunchtime, and you have to surrender the yacht on Friday before 17:00, on that evening you have to go through check-out, surrender the cabins (similar to hotel rooms).

If you still have Friday evening or overnight on the yacht, you can finish your trip early Saturday morning, typically at 9:00. So 6 and a half days and 7 nights on board a yacht is a charter week.

In the case of Signature Sailing individual charters, you have the option of negotiating flexible dates and times aboard the catamaran with the manager.


Signature Sailing Charter organizes cruises on its own boats located on the Azure Coast. We arrange weekly cruises from the main ports of Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez and other coastal towns on the Côte d'Azur, according to your individual request.

We are convinced that the key to a good and comfortable holiday in the Mediterranean is choosing a new and modern sailing catamaran.

When you charter a yacht via Signature Sailing Charter, you enter into a contract. This is your assurance that you are accompanied from start to finish by your dedicated yacht manager who will be happy to arrange airport transfers and provide guidance on all issues.

The yacht you have selected for your cruise will be waiting for you at the quay, ready and cleaned to a shine. The charter company and the Signature Sailing sales manager can help you with all your enquiries and help you with itinerary choices or restaurants ashore.

Among other things, we provide a restaurant menu on board because the chef is part of our team to give the Signature Sailing offer a unique experience.

7. Cost of a week-long catamaran cruise on the Azure Coast

A catamaran cruise costs comparable to a week's stay in a good hotel in Monaco, Nice, Cannes or St Tropez. On average, if you divide the cost by the number of people on board and the full load, you get a reasonable figure.

For example, a state of the art sailing yacht Bali 5.4. will cost on:

€24,000 per week in the high season: July - September, Monaco (1/07-7/09).
€11,500 per week in low season: October - May (16/10-31/05).
€16,500 per week is base rate (1/06-30/06; 8/09-15/10).

This yacht is equipped with 4 comfortable cabins (double and single) and can comfortably accommodate 8 people.

This particular sailing catamaran will cost from €1.437 to €3.000/week (per person if you book a cruise for 8 people: for a family or group of friends). Of course, this price doesn't include meals, transfers if these services are needed.

But even taking these costs into account, the cost of a yacht cruise is quite comparable to the cost of a summer holiday in a hotel format on the Azure Coast. A ski holiday, for example, is always more expensive than a yacht holiday, and sometimes considerably so.

8. Amenities

  • Restaurant on board
  • Water entertainment
  • New comfortable cabins
  • Crew: captain, chef, stewardess


Vacation packages for families, romantic getaways and short weekend trips. You can also order our chef's menu plan on board for the duration of your trip (as an add-on to the package)

without night
1 day + 1 night
from €11.500+VAT
7 days + 7 nights

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