What can you see in Portofino within 1 day?

Portofino is the most famous and elite bay of Europe. It is a unique place! The tiny fishing village was founded by the ancient Romans and was originally called Dolphin's Harbor.

The place became famous in the early twentieth century as a resort, where many famous political, secular and religious figures rested. Portofino is a synthesis of history and fashion trends, a combination of high culture and glamour. Next to the beautiful architecture, boutiques of prestigious brands, souvenir stores and high-end restaurants are hidden in the shadow of porticos.

One of the most expensive and prestigious cities in the world

Famous people like S. Berlusconi, G. Armani, Dolce & Gabbano, Pirelli, Loro Piani, and others have their villas here...

This is a sophisticated resort for the respectable public, with many stores of the most expensive brands and gourmet restaurants. But there are no nightclubs.

A typical visit to Portofino is to wake up late, have breakfast at the Piazzetta, take a boat ride, or go for a swim at Paraggi Beach. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. sip an aperitif while enjoying the beautiful views and have a leisurely dinner at about 9 p.m. in a fine restaurant.

Women usually wear elegant evening gowns for dinner at the restaurant (you can buy them in one of the many fashion boutiques in the city).

Main Street Portofino

On the main street "VIA ROMA" you can enter a small store of interesting local ceramics.

For an aperitif, you should go to the Aperitivo bar in Winterose, located at the end of Calata Marconi (on the left side). It's kind of like a good wine boutique with an excellent selection. You can enjoy a glass of wine while sitting a meter away from the sea.

Portofino Lighthouse

Visit Portofino Lighthouse, located about 20 minutes walk from the Piazzetta to the right. It is surrounded by plants and fields, here you can enjoy the beauty of nature and tranquility. But it is worth bringing water and comfortable shoes.

Viewpoint with panoramic views

On the way to the lighthouse you will see Caste Brown, which offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area.

Do not miss San Fruttuoso, with its "Christ of the Abyss" and the Abbey, then the romantic «Camogli» or the bay of Paraggi with its crystal clear water, where you can relax on the beach and admire a magnificent sunset.

In Portofino itself there are no nightclubs or discos. The closest club is Carillon at Paraggi, about 20 minutes from the city. You can also go to Covo di Nord-East, located 40 minutes on foot.

Enjoy piano music

On weekends in summer, you can enjoy piano music at Chuflay or listen to live performers at the famous Piazzetta. Sometimes you can listen to music in the restaurant Strainer at the end of the right pier.

If you adore clubs, you should visit only Covo di Nord-East and only on Saturdays in July or August. The crowd in this club is quite young, from 16 to 35/40 years old. It is best to choose the top floor. The dress code is trendy, not too elegant. Mainstream, house and 70s music is played here.

What is the best season to visit Portofino?

The best time to visit Portofino is from Easter until the end of October. Weather permitting, you can take a small boat ride from Molo Umberto I (right) to San Fruttoso or to Camogli, two beautiful villages just across the bay from Portofino.

Between November and February, many stores and hotels are closed. Although if you're lucky with the weather at Christmas, it's well worth the trip. Be sure to book a sea cruise to Portofino in March or April to visit at the best time of year!

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