Crewed catamaran charters in Monaco

You are probably used to using the word charter in the context of air transport or boats to ferry to the other shore. Generally speaking, charter or crewed charter in our context is nothing else but renting a sea vessel with crew as a rather new and promising type of sea tourism.

Try a new alternative to staying in a hotel! Crewed catamaran charters in Monaco are a great alternative to a hotel holiday! Discover 5 reasons to charter a catamaran with crew for your holiday.

#1. Crewed catamaran charters in Monaco are a great alternative to a hotel holiday

Booking a crewed catamaran charter is a great way to organise a full sea cruise on a reasonable budget as an alternative to staying in a hotel. Not only will it be fun and dynamic, you will be taking part in the planning of the itinerary around the Azure Coast and beyond. That's why this cruise will be truly unique and yours.

#2. You will discover the most beautiful coasts of the Azure Coast

On a yacht, you will relax with family or friends, unaccompanied by strangers. You will be able to share emotions with loved ones in the most beautiful waters of the world. You will discover the most beautiful coasts on the Azure Coast and enjoy the Monaco coast from every angle.

#3. Charter a crewed yacht and enjoy a relaxing cruise

Exploring unfamiliar and challenging waters. Without the hassle of operating a seagoing vessel. Crewed catamarans are mainly rented by our guests with their families who want to relax on a yacht on a sea cruise. But do not have the appropriate licenses and certificates to operate a yacht.

Operating a yacht, mooring in cramped harbours, navigating and so on are all quite complex technological operations. These operations require a certain skill set from the captain. And experience.

If you hire a yacht with a professional captain, chef and stewardess, you will have the opportunity to fully experience all the pleasures of cruising on a yacht, stress-free. The professional captain will steer the yacht to where you want it to be. Weather and navigational conditions permitting, he will bring her back to base in one piece.

#4. Take a sailing masterclass on catamaran

If you wish, you'll have the unique opportunity to have a sailing masterclass. With a holiday on board our catamaran you can experience the art of steering a sailing boat. You will get an introduction under the guidance of a qualified skipper.

#5. Visit one of the world's most colorful yacht shows in Monaco

Why do yachtsmen love Monaco? It is Monaco that hosts one of the most expensive and colorful yacht shows in the world. The total value of the yachts on show exceeds $4 billion. The average cost of a super-yacht is $40 million.

Every two years, the Classic Week Monaco (La Belle Classe), organised by the local major yacht club, is held here. The regatta features only traditional sailing boats, paying tribute to pioneering sailors.

  • The Monaco F1 Grand Prix has been held every year since 1929 and is one of the most popular motor sport events.

  • The Monaco coast is part of the Azure Coast and you should definitely add it to your itinerary on the French Riviera.

Charter conditions for a sailing catamaran with crew

Signature Sailing Charter provides a unique sailing catamaran charter service with a crew. 

  • When you charter our yachts, you don't just hire a local skipper. You hire a qualified skipper with other crew members who know the waters and the ins and outs of the area.

  • Communication will then usually be in International English. Signature Sailing Charter provides an English-speaking crew for Monaco and the Azure Coast.

  • When chartering a catamaran, the terms and conditions are stipulated when your order is processed by our Signature Sailing Charter manager. 

  • You can find additional options on our website or by contacting your yacht manager. Either way we can help you arrange your dream cruise and arrange a professional crew for you.

Organising cruises with crew in Monaco

Setting sailboat cruises in Monaco and the Azure Coast to your individual needs is our specialty. Discover a wonderful alternative to a hotel holiday. 

Get the chance to relax with your family or friends on a private seaside cruise at a reasonable price. Our mission is to discover and show you this beautiful maritime region. Get in touch with us.

Book a scenic catamaran cruise to Monaco

Signature Sailing Charter offers boat trips to Cap Ferrat, not only from Monaco, but also from Nice and Cannes. You can book a boat trip to Monaco online on website:

  • It could be a 1-day itinerary to the resort town;
  • A 2-day itinerary for a weekend or at a time of your choice with an overnight stay on a catamaran;
  • You can also choose an itinerary of 3 or more days for a boat trip to the Côte d'Azur with a visit to Monaco for 1 day.

Signature Sailing Charter offer a full range of services to organise your holiday on the Côte d'Azur!

Book it now and travel later! Your sea cruise will be in complete comfort, accompanied by a crew of three: a captain, a chef and a stewardess.

Signature Concept for 8 guests with comfortable cabins;
Signature Vision for 10 guests with comfortable cabins.

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Our service offers convenient dining options: either on board a sailing catamaran or on the shore in a restaurant recommended by us. Ask our manager about sea cruises organised by Signature Sailing Charter.

We wish you a fabulous holiday!