Catamaran sailing holidays: trip to Nice. Tips for travellers

Do you know why Nice is a favourite destination for celebrities and millionaires? Because it is breathtaking at first sight! This is especially true when you dream of sun and sea on your long-awaited holiday.

Thanks to its location on the Côte d'Azur, Nice is a year-round magnet for holidaymakers wishing to experience the luxurious, worldly feast of life inherent in the city.

What time of year is the best time to travel to Nice?

The weather is warm all year round, even in winter. But if you are planning a beach holiday, the best time to travel to Nice is from July to September.

However, you should book your catamaran sailing trip to Nice as early as April or early May. Otherwise there is a chance that bookings may not be available during the summer and during the September velvet season: June-September is the hottest booking season in Nice.

Why should you holiday in Nice?

Although Nice is primarily known for its beaches, it will undoubtedly appeal to you if you prefer an informative cultural holiday. No other city in France, other than Paris, boasts the same number of museums as Nice. There are all sorts of festivals, concerts and exhibitions in the city, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore French culture.

The easiest way to get to know the city and its history at the same time is to take an audio guide, which is available from the Tourist Information office at the nearby port.

For independent travellers we offer a series of articles on Nice where you will learn about the routes to the main attractions of the city, with comments and tips. Our blog with recommendations will be in your pocket throughout your walk: in your smartphone.

What things to do in Nice?

Nice has more than enough attractions for all kinds of tourists: adventurers, families with children, honeymooners, older people. 

You should come here for at least 3 days to enjoy the Côte d'Azur: swimming in the warm sea, lounging on some of the world's most beautiful beaches, strolling along the Promenade des Anglais in the early morning hours or at sunset, visiting the Matisse Museum...

A highlight should be getting to know the local cuisine, starting with the famous Niçoise salad and the excellent Tropezienne Pastries for which Nice is renowned.

Nice is also the main city of the Côte d’Azur

It is also very easy to get to Monaco, Cannes, Antibes and many other nice cities that are on the Signature Sailing Charter route. You can enjoy the panorama of Monaco from the sea, from the catamaran, it will be fascinating. You can book this pleasure online here.

The city's main promenade in Nice

The town's main promenade is The English Promenade (Promenade des Anglais), which runs along the beaches and has a stunning view of the Baie des Anges. The most beautiful squares in the city are Garibaldi, Massena and Saint-François with the town hall.

Different parts of the city are markedly different in terms of architectural styles and attractions. The old town is Italian in style with narrow winding streets, warm coloured facades and numerous Baroque churches. The post-1860 districts are the epitome of strict French style with wide, straight streets and stone walls.

The geographical centre of Nice is the Rosetti Square with the Cathedral of St Reparta. In the Middle Ages there was a chapel which was later enlarged and supplemented by a bell tower and lateral clerestory bounds. Inside the cathedral you can admire Renaissance paintings depicting religious subjects.

Nice has an incredible number of family castles and palaces

Nice has always been the place of choice for aristocratic families from all over the world, which is why there are so many family palaces and castles.

  • Palais Massena: A fine example of Belle Epoque, built in the early 20th century. Today it has a Historical Museum with landscape paintings, antique furniture and the jewel in the crown of the display, the gold clock of Josephine Bonaparte.
  • Lascari Palace: A 17th-century Baroque villa with a collection of tapestries, vases and other antique furnishings.
  • Neo-Gothic Château Valroz on the Cimiez hill once belonged to Baron von Dervis, author of the music for "The Evening Bell".
  • The English château of Mont Boron, a mixture of neo-Gothic and Indian style, remains a private property today.
  • The Hotel Negresco, open to guests since 1912, is the most pompous on the Côte d'Azur.

Nice has many churches, cathedrals and chapels

The most interesting ones are:

  • Notre Dame Basilica
  • Notre Dame du Port Church
  • Chapel of Mercy
  • The Franciscan monastery of Notre-Dame-de-Simieux.

On Chateau Hill is the Chateau Park with remnants of old buildings and the Bellande Tower.

The museums in Nice are worth a visit

The Chagall Museum exhibits more than 700 works by the great painter, the Museum of Fine Arts displays originals by Degas, Monet and Renoir. The Archaeological Museum has interesting historical finds, and the Matisse Museum not only displays the legendary master's extravagant canvases, but also sculptures and sketches of his hand.

7 must-do things to do in Nice

  1. Enjoy the azure waters of the Azure Coast on one of Nice's private beaches, it's an incredible beauty.
  2. See Josephine's gold clock at the Historic Museum of Nice, located in the Palais Massena.
  3. Buy a bunch of fragrant flowers at the famous Cours Saleya market.
  4. Visit the 'Moscow at the Heart of Nice', the cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  5. Taste the signature sweets at the Florian factory.
  6. Try an authentic tuna Niçoise salad in one of the city's restaurants.
  7. Take a trip on a sailing catamaran from Nice to Monaco, Antibes or Cannes for an unforgettable one-day experience. Stunning views, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and a courteous crew will be a welcome addition to your trip.

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